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Starts August 28
Ends September 7

Life coach
Amanda Dettloff

How it works

Learn from your Catalyst

This support group follows a structured 21 day curriculum guided by a life coach we call a catalyst.


Share with your Tribe

A tribe is an Online Support Group where you participate via short videos and text and share your journey and experiences.


Learn from others

Gain perspective and learn about yourself by exchanging experienxes with your fellow tribe members around your choosen topic.


About this tribe

This is a 7-day jumpstart to CONFIDENCE. Self-confidence is a personality trait that we all could use a little more of from time to time.. to put it simply, to have self-confidence means that you like yourself. Liking ourselves is something that we don't often put intentional energy into cultivating, but it is so important, especially given the way that getting knocked around in life can really knock the wind out of your sails. This tribe will be a jump-starting crash course in giving yourself the gift of self-loves, swagger, and optimism. It is a mini-tribe, lasting only one week. This is a great starter tribe or a pre-curser to going deep into the self-love tribe.

This Tribe is for you if...

  • You are getting your ass kicked by 2017 and need a safe space to reclaim yourself as #1.
  • You want more swagger in your life. You have so much good stuff going on but need a little extra help to pull it together and take it to the next level.
  • You are craving an optimistic reboot. You have not been walking on the sunny side of life recently and it is time to make moves.
  • You want a taste of the science of positive psychology. You know that there is a buzz and want to know what it is all about!
Amanda Dettloff

Your Catalyst

Amanda specializes in helping you work through the moments when your loved ones are a great source of pain and stress in your life. While supporting a family member through struggles with an addiction to heroin and caring for her elderly grandmother, she learned how easy it can be to sacrifice self-care in honor of caring for a loved one, and the imperative of setting firm boundaries. These are some of the challenges that put Amanda on the path to coaching other care-givers in recognizing and addressing these unhealthy patterns, avoiding burnouts and breakdowns, and cultivating self-care and personal boundaries.

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