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Change is hard.  You don’t have to go at it alone.

You'll join a virtual "tribe"  a small online group committed to personal growth around a shared goal.
In just a few weeks, a trained life coach will guide you through one of our proven programs, providing a safe space to share your story and grow.

Signature Tribes

Learning to love yourself is the foundation of real, sustainable change. Learn techniques for silencing the inner critic, methods of self care and much more.

Anxiety no longer needs to be a constant in your everyday life. You can break free of the cycle of negativity and experience life as it was meant to be lived.

Designed to help discover and fulfill your authentic purpose, this tribe is the beginning, or perhaps the continuation, of a journey to happiness and success.


Create a Wellness Plan Tailored to You

SHFT is entirely online and accessible from any device. 
Pick and choose your Tribes to create a personalized wellness plan. Use one of our tried-and-true recipes to overcome stress and anxiety, learn to love yourself and more. 
Explore the subjects that are most meaningful to you. 


How It Works



There is power in sharing your story.

Discover the power of vulnerability. Gain strength from the authentic experiences of other people in your group and let others learn from you. Share what's on your heart and mind as you tackle life together. 



We're all in this together.

You're never alone in your struggles. Your support group is led by an expert life coach and filled with people living through the same experiences as you. Make friends and discover the power of being your true self with people you can trust. 



Gain a new perspective.

Embrace your imperfections. Get rid of negative mindsets or useless judgements. Build a strong foundation through curriculum tailored to your needs and loving accountability. Begin the process of change and understand yourself better.



Move on to the action phase.

Get an action plan catered to your needs. Help others along the way. Expand your horizons and enjoy the changes you see in your everyday life. What we can't do on our own, we can accomplish together.

Get started with a 7-day free trial

 Explore the Tribes and topics that are most meaningful to you. No contracts, no obligations.

Love For SHFT


Why SHFT Works

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Led By Experts

Your group will be led by an expert. We have certified life coaches, relationship counselors and more. You'll get guidance, motivation and support from your life coach as well as your unique group.

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Convenient & Safe

Support in your pocket, on the go. Whenever you need it. Post at any time and participate at your convenience. SHFT is entirely private, confidential and can be as anonymous as you need it to be.

Just For You

SHFT provides tools and accountability to make significant change in your own life. Pick and choose topics and groups that work for you and your goals. Take what you like, and leave the rest.